Historic California Packing Houses, Packing Sheds and
Other Industrial Structures

Central and Northern California

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Contributing Photographers:
Paul Ayers, Bob Chaparro, Gene Deimling, Keith Jordan, Jim Lancaster, Gene Martin, Bill Messecar,
Cliff Prather, Carl Rodolf, Randy Sunada, John Signor and
Joseph Stearns.

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The images are divided into groups with each group on its own web page. Click on the header to open the page (except for the Eastside Lines pages which are not yet available).  

Withe the exception of the Eastside Lines, the image locations are listed south to north geographically within each group. When pages or photos are added the date will be shown. 

Bakersfield to Stockton on the Southern Pacific

  • Famoso New Location Added 12/10/08
  • Selma New Photos Added 12/10/08
  • Fowler New Photos Added 12/10/08 
  • Mendota 
  • Firebaugh
  • Atwater New Photos Added 12/10/08 
  • Turlock
  • Weedpatch New Location Added 12/10/08 

Bakersfield to Stockton on the Santa Fe

  • Shafter
  • Wasco
  • Pond
  • Hanford
  • Fresno
  • Merced
  • Riverbank

North of Stockton

  • Acampo 
  • Lodi New Page Added 10/27/08
  • Loomis
Edison New Page Added 1/20/09

Miscelaneous Locations

  • Santa Maria
  • Santa Rosa
Eastside Lines: Southern Pacific, Santa Fe and Visalia Electric  New Pages added 12/08 through 6/09
  • Passenger and Freight Operations
  • Orange Groves 
  • Joint Southern Pacific-Santa Fe Exeter Branch from Calico to Ducor 
  • Joint Southern Pacific-Santa Fe Richgrove Branch from Richgrove to Jovista 
  • Southern Pacific Exeter Branch from Terra Bella to Locans
  • Santa Fe Porterville-Orosi District from Ducor to Orange Cove
  • Santa Fe Visalia District from Visalia to Lone Star 
  • Visalia Electric 

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Other Photos and Related Resources

Ken Hairstine has photos of packing houses from Winters, CA and the Victorville portion of Lodi, CA. The reuse of any of Ken's images for non-commercial use is subject to the conditions described by the Creative Commons License.

You can search for historic buildings on the Library of Congress HABS/HAER web site by visiting the Home Page.

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